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Req No.:  4644


Product Service:  24 Hour

Bakersfield, CA, US, 93308

Required Travel:  Up to 10% 
Number of Openings:  2 
FLSA Status:  Nonexempt  
Type of Position:     
Position Status:  Full Time 
Additional Available Locations:   



Position Summary

Under the supervision and direction of the Crew Chief, safely works in the rig derrick to transfer rod sections to and from derrick racks to rod lifting clamps as sections are removed or returned to the well.  Climbs ladder attached to side of derrick to rod platform. Operates rod hoist by use of a control pedal, or communicates with the crew chief. Attaches transfer device to rods to disconnect rod clamps.  Guides tubing sections from tubing rack slots to tubing platform.  Aligns tubing sections perpendicularly over well bore to assist in connection of tubing sections and prevent damage to treads of tubing sections.  Occasionally operates pump to circulate fluid or mud into well bore.  Occasionally connects well head attachments, loads tools, and performs similar duties.

Key Accountabilities

1. Available to work beyond the traditional 8 hour work day; available to work Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, to meet operational needs. Well services work is generally performed during day-light hours, Monday through Friday, occasionally on Saturday and or Sunday.  Certain operations cannot however be completed during a single daylight period and must be continued without interruption, over several consecutive days.  Such operations are referred to as “24 hour operations,” and require two or more shifts, crews, to operate the rig.  Able to work at heights up to or greater than 50 feet.
2. Dependability is imperative. Reporting for work at the prescribed location and time, dressed for deployment to work, is essential.  Unauthorized absences will result in discipline up to and including employment termination.
3. Assists in the Rigging Up/Down of the Well Service Unit by lifting, operating, rig up and rig down guy-wires, hydraulic jacks, pads/boards, and emergency equipment which may include SCBA's, fire extinguisher, and H2S monitors.
4. The Derrick Worker will be responsible for all work performed from the rod basket and tubing board (transferring rods and tubing from the vertical racks to the elevators.) Standing tubing will require the position to operate the elevators.  Picking up or laying down tubing, the Derrick Worker assists in manually lifting the tubing from the rack onto the work floor or vice versa.  Rod jobs will require lifting and walking the rods to lay them down.  This position may be required to work on the floor as a crew worker.
5. This position requires the ability to operate rod/tubing elevators, rod transfer, push/pull tubing, rod wrenches, associated hand tools, and other associated rig tools and equipment. This position requires the ability to operate/use rod wrenches, rod/tubing tongs, rod/tubing elevators, associated hand tools, and other associated rig tools and equipment.
6. This position requires various types and levels of job related training with respect to the rig operations and Company's Standard Operating Procedures and also other specialized training as required by regulatory agencies and the Company.
7. Other requirements include mental, physical and manual dexterity, hand/grip strength, depth perception and any other physical attributes that enable the employee to perform the job safely according to all Company, Local, State and Federal regulations and requirements.
8. Performs the primary thinking called for and encompassed by the overall Position Definition.
9. Adheres to Company policies and work requirements.
10. Performs and assumes other duties and responsibilities as may be required by immediate supervisor.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Pass company’s Drug Screen.
• Passing the Company’s “Physical Functions Assessment.”
• Motor Vehicle Record qualifies individual to be an approved company driver.
• Acceptable criminal history.
• Ability to read, write and speak English to the extent that they are able to understand verbal and written instructions as well as give verbal and written instructions in English; and the ability to use simple mathematical calculations using whole numbers, fractions and decimals (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) to make job related calculations.
• Must be able to obtain a DOT Medical Examiners Certificate (DOT Medical Card).
• Must have the basic knowledge of the oil field and related equipment associated with the position.
• Crew members on a mobile rig must have a valid Commercial Drivers License (CDL B) to drive the rig or associated rig support vehicles.
• Ninety days or more recent, prior work-over rig operating experience.
• Available to work beyond the traditional 8 hour work day; available to work Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, to meet operational needs.
• Able to work at heights up to or greater than 50 feet.
• Prior First Aid, CPR, H2S, confined space entry, defensive driver training, is an asset.

Required Experience and Education


EEO is The Law - click here for more information 

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Nearest Major Market: Bakersfield